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Behavioral Business Coach

Alex Garzaro

I'm Alex. A wife, boy mom, philanthropist and an intuitive behavioral business coach. I uses psychology combined with human design to mentor entrepreneurs to powerfully shift their minds to win in Business & leadership.

Seeing people's purpose, power & potential is her superpower. Working with Alex is like working with a therapist & a business coach simultaneously. 

Using my AOS (Alignment Operation System) method, my mission is to help heart-led entrepreneurs develop one-of-a-kind business brands that align their goals with their leadership behaviors. 

To Cultivate sought-after businesses that are strategically built using their experiences & passion. Along with guiding them through a paradigm S.H.I.F.T of becoming aware of their behaviors & beliefs that have kept them stuck in an unconscious cycle of limited finances and freedom.

My Code of Conduct: Optimized Opulence & Optimism

My Vision: To A 11 Million entrepreneurs Become The Person They Need To Become While Developing A Truly Transformational World-Changing Business, So That They Can Live The Future They Deserve.


this is what I am about

In-person and online events designed to create clarity and develop your greatest understanding in your purpose, power and profit. No event is ever the same and neither will you be after. 


Working directly with Alex is like having all the puzzle pieces you've been trying to put together in your health, wealth or self finally come together. Her hands-on intensives have been known to do more for people in just 2 calls than years of therapy or coaching combined. 

Work With Alex

Everything we offer is created to help you BREAK-through your struggles, cycles & subconscious or conscious limitations keeping you from reaching your greatest potential and achieving your goals. 


3 Terms That Limited My Success


Monthly Money Maintenanc‪e‬


Go Beyond Habit‪s‬


Heal Your Trauma‪s‬


How to Manage Impostor Syndrom‪e‬


Join in on the transformational conversations on all things health, wealth and self… so that you can BREAK-through the noise in your head and sound you. Bringing you inspiring interviews, perspective shifts and more, to help you execute your goals faster and cultivate your power, profit and purpose. 

Ready to redefine your mind, success, & life



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Alex's wizardy guided me to $80k in two weeks

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Instagram Is Kind
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