Stressed, overwhelmed, upset but can’t pinpoint why?

Stressed, overwhelmed, upset but can’t pinpoint why?

Well, the root cause of these emotions may not be stemming from you.

My youngest used to get so angry. 

He would start to throw things, yell and use hurtful words. 

It was easy to take on his energy and start to yell back & exchange words. 

But that would lead nowhere. 

So, I started to bring awareness to the situation that I would not be taking on his energy, and when he was ready to take on a calm state with me, we could speak. 

It would take him a while to calm down. But it would also take all of me to keep my calm. 

I used to be unaware that I would take on the emotional state of those around me. 

Until I realized that when others surround me, I have a choice to take on their energy or be strong enough for them to take on mine. 

So ask yourself, is how you are feeling your weight/energy to carry or did you take someone else’s?

Energy is transferred, and these emotions could have been a state of emotion passed to you from someone you had a recent encounter with. 

Stop, take a breath….. take 4.

If you are unsure WHY you feel this way, start tracing it back to WHEN you began to feel this way. 

If someone comes to mind, you may just simply need to give the energy back. 

Ask them to have a chat and provide them with how you are feeling. Allowing them to explain themselves better, and both of you can release the emotion weighing on you. 

Or have a conversation with yourself. Giving understanding and a positive reason as to why this energy was given to you. 

Maybe that person just needs help carrying the weight, and you were strong enough to help them. 

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Alex Garzaro

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