You were led here for a reason

There are no coincidences



Private Coaching with
Alex Garzaro

Do you feel like you have been made to help so many other, but are having a hard time putting your program idea together?

Do you feel like you have a push-pull relationship with money?

Do you feel you are ready spiritually, emotionally, energetically and physically to level up and allow for massive expansion financially and influentially?

Do you feel ready to work with a coach who walks the talk and has generated over 3 million in online sales and legacy wealth through assets. 

Do you feel, despite studying and trying, you have yet to become the person you know you can be to start living the future you want to be?

Do you feel like you are capped or energetically stuck as an entrepreneur?

Divinely guided to your next co-incident. An incident in which you co- created your reality

Each phase of life becomes more and more synchronized with your conscious and subconscious desire, aligning perfectly for you. You are in full control even if you don’t feel it yet. 

My goal is to help you understand and apply the growth for you to start becoming the person you want to be so you can start living the future you know you should be. 

I will give you all the answers, strategy, techniques and understanding from all that I have experienced. 

There are no coincidenceS… You were led here for a reason.

Over the last couple of years, officially, I have been working with online entrepreneurs who have come to me wondering why they are not where they want to be yet. 

They have done everything they know to do and everything they think they should do and yet they all agree they still feel stuck. 

I truly believe that we do not change, but in the process of growth release ourselves from experiences and environments that cultivated beliefs within us that have been holding our true selves and success captive.

If you feel called to be great and do great things, then you are destined to do so.  

Is it possible your time is now?

Unlimited Voxer support M-F

Invitation to all Immersion Weekend Retreats during the 6 months (Does Not Include travel, or lodging)

Access to all my existing and new digital courses and programs

Unlimited 1-1 session for 6 months

→ Take an overview of your business or programs. We will eliminate, delegate, add and/or adjust your business structure and offer in a way that allows you to feel fully aligned and supported by your business instead of burnout and overwhelmed. 

→ Design the perfect pricing structure for your income goals.

→ Create your own unique social media strategy that feels inspiring to you.

→ Elevate your confidence in how you show up in your business and in life.

→ Behavior and belief analysis, so that you do not just get inspired by the actions you will be taking, but understand the truth behind what has kept you stuck, out of alignment and how you can transcend the behaviors to fit the person you want to become

Together, we will:

You Will Receive:

As much as I would love to be your fairy godmother, full transparency, I can not wave a magic wand and transform you, for you. 
You have to be ready, willing and open to do the work. 
Both the inner work is just as much as the business work. 

...and the inner work is real. 

I may not be able to guarantee results for you, but when I can do is tell you what happens when people do “the work” 

What to Expect:

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Alex's wizardy guided me to $80k in two weeks

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February 2022
Sedona, Arizona

Upcoming Immersion Dates

How it Works.

●  Email any questions you have to [email protected]
●  Fill out your Alignment Audit Questionnaire
●  Receive the Align Your Grind Payment Link
●  Feel empowered by your Accession Power Move Purchase
●  Gain access to the private coaching calls calendar link, voxer and any digital content currently released

Within just the first couple of sessions with me clients have experienced…

✔️ More confidence in designing the businesses they have always wanted but were scared to pivot into or fully commit to.

✔️ New perspective on their lives and what they truly want to achieve. One client was certain he never wanted children until we started working together. He made 20k after our first call, bought a house, and he and his wife are now talking about growing a family. 

✔️ Awaken the possibilities that they know they deserve but are too scared to admit they desire. 

✔️ Their highest income months and fully launched programs that were once just a thought in their minds.

✔️ Connecting to their passion and purpose, maybe for the first time in their lives. 

1-on-1 Application

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